Selling Your Home: Step 1

Do any major repairs now, before you put your home on the market: John Pearce, Royal LePage Atlantic

Selling Your Home? 
It's More Than Putting a Sign on Your Lawn.

Just as much work goes into selling a home as buying one, more actually.
It’s a bit of a science. 

You want to get the best price, but you can’t be out of line with market conditions. What to do?

Start by being as informed as you can and by choosing an experienced agent who knows your neighbourhood inside out.

I will guide you through every step of the process, from showing you how to increase the appeal of your home and setting a price that will maximize your profitability, to discussing offers and closing the sale. It all begins with eight simple steps:

Step 1: Deciding to Sell

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to sell their home. One thing, however, is universally true: you want to get as much money as you can for your home. There are a lot of ways you can add value that you might want to consider, such as:

Renovate: This can be something as simple as freshening up the walls with a coat of paint, updating your door knobs and lighting with more contemporary styles or going all the way with major renovations such as installing a new kitchen, bathroom or hardwood floors. Before you do anything though, it’s probably wise to know how much value a renovation or remodel will actually add to your sale price and how much other comparable homes in your neighbourhood are selling for. I can help by providing you with a market assessment on your home so you don’t embark on expensive renovations before knowing whether the expense is worthwhile.

Enhance curb appeal: First impressions mean a lot. You want your home looking its very best when a potential buyer is standing at the bottom of your driveway or simply passing through the neighbourhood. So, make sure the lawn is cut and raked. If there are some dead patches of grass, overseed or sod. Trim bushes and trees, add a few brightly coloured flowers. Touch up any peeling paint around exterior windows and doors, stain the fence or deck, clean up your garage or shed. Ensure that your home looks just as enticing at night by making sure it’s well lit.

Get a home inspection: The last thing you want is for the deal to fall through due to an unpleasant surprise. It is highly likely that the buyer will ask for a home inspection as a condition of their purchase. So you may want to consider taking the initiative yourself. That way, if there are any major repairs that need to be done now, it won’t jeopardize the sale of your home or force you to lower the price later on.

So, now you’re all ready to put that For Sale sign on your front lawn. What’s next?

Find out in Step 2 …

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